About us

The mood of monday is the feeling you get when the weekend is over, and the work week starts. Our dream is to live for the mondays, not the fridays.
And we want the same for you.

We set out to discover the ups and downs, the pros and cons of as many creative jobs as possible. This is so you can get a glimpse of what different jobs really look like, behind the scenes. Is being a graphic designer as cool as it looks? Is being a blogger all about late breakfasts in bed and long lunches with the girls? How does the life of a photographer really look like?

We take on the challenge!

The Creative Team

We run the YouTube-channel “Moods of Monday” where we post vlogs, tutorials and meet ups on a weekly basis. Apart from that we study Media Production and run a business where we sell presets and images.
Morten Munthe

Morten Munthe



André Askeland

André Askeland



What we do

Our Services


Our vision is simple. If you can capture the beauty in the simplest way possible, all natural, the image will turn out the best. There is no need to overcook raw, fresh produce. Keep it simple – keep it stunning.


We love what we do. Bringing inspiration to those in need is our goal. However – we gotta earn the buck to do so. So – Why spend hours on editing when you can get amazing results with the click of a button? We create new presets every day, for you to enjoy. Make your photos look their best – fast.


There is no secret that the marketing of tomorrow calls for more videos. We believe that finding your own voice and style is the key to creating engaging content. Make your content stand out – and remember to have fun.

Our Story

The fear of working 9-17 is what brought us together. Doing the same thing over and over again. Day in – day out.

We now take the leap, to follow our dream to become full time content creators. To each day experience something new and meeting new interesting people. For us mondays should be the day you live for, not the one you can´t wait to get through.

It took us such a long time to realize what we wanted to do – and we know the pressure on kids today are enormous. We felt the same pressure. If we can motivate and inspire someone to follow their dream and find their own path, we have, in our eyes, succeeded.

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Anything you wanna ask us about, or tell us? Drop us a message and let´s have a talk!