Moody Nordic

This bad boy is made with dark and yellow tones in mind. When the winter turns grass from green to beige, and the colors evaporate – this is your Go To Preset! With this preset you will bring out a crazy cool mood. Apply carefully if people are in the scene – this presets really takes skin tones for a ride. Check it out, and tag us in your best pics on Instagram to get featured on our channel!


Night Wolf

This preset is developed to crush those night time photos! We have focused on showing all the crisp details, and play around with colors. Do you find a neon sign, the chances are god this will look incredible. In the HSL-sliders in Lightroom you can tweak around with the specific colors of your neonsign to really make the image pop. This one is particularly awesome with blue and magenta tones.

Adjust exposure and white balance in your photo to get the best look possible.



This is the boldest preset we have produced to date! Make those warm tones pop, while we change up greens and kill off the blues – hence the name – Killswitch.

Be careful when you have people in the scene – they tend to look pretty killed off as well. When skintones is tweaked as much as in this preset – people will look weird. Works best with landscapes and images with lots of yellow and green in it. Adjust exposure and white balance to your liking, and go crazy!